The Hall of Earth as starting point of a new adventure

The Federation of Damanhur has hosted the production of the new video

"La mia Felicità" by Fabio Rovazzi
in the Temples of Humakind​

The Temples of Humankind in Damanhur hosted some scenes of the production of Fabio Rovazzi’s new video for the song “La mia Felicità” (My Happiness): a collaboration that reaffirms the contemporary relevance and openness of this place of art and spirituality, bearer of a message of hope and connection.
The scene in which Fabio meditates is set in the Hall of Earth, one of the deepest of the Temples, which are entirely excavated by hand in the rock reaching over 70 meters underground in Val Chiusella, a few kilometers from Ivrea.
What a better place to start the adventure narrated in the video, which will lead the protagonist right to the center of the Earth!

The room where Gerry Scotti wanders in search of Fabio is the Hall of the Labyrinth, dedicated to the harmony of the divine forces of the planet, to the respect for every tradition, to the creation of a future of peace among peoples. On the walls and on the stained glass windows are depicted hundreds of divine forces representing the highest values and ideals of the peoples connected to them.

The Hall of the Earth
Dedicated to the forces of Nature and to the male principle, as an active and dynamic element, this hall celebrates the journey of Humanity, in the world of forms and in time.
This hall, whose height is accentuated by the eight columns that rise from the floor to the ceiling, was created by excavating from the floor of the Hall of Water and continuing downwards to reach deep into the heart of the mountain.
Access to the room is preceded by a magnificent Tiffany glass portal depicting the solar male principle, while on the other side of the circular wall stands the lunar portal, dedicated to the female principle. Two other portals enrich the room and open onto two gothic arched niches.
The stained-glass windows contained in these niches are dedicated to our planet, its beating heart represented by the red of the lava, and to the vegetation that surrounds it, through the color green. On the walls, richly decorated with complex paintings, is narrated the history of Humanity according to the Damanhurian philosophy: from the creation of the universe to the meeting of countless challenges, towards the reunion with the divine principle from which everything originated.
A labyrinth of mosaics, composed of ideograms of the Sacred Language, branches out all over the floor, while on the ceiling a marvelous mandala, also composed of signs in the same language, is dedicated to the awakening of memories.
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The Labyrinth
Walking through the Labyrinth is like walking through the history of mankind, to distil the most luminous part, connected to the divine principle, to the eternal essence that unites beyond all apparent separation all spiritual and religious expressions.

All divinities interact with each other to create a new balance: forces from all continents remind us that we are one with the Earth and the Cosmos, while divine forces of art and beauty combined with creative and healing divinities remind us how much wealth and power exist in the human soul. The mirrors at the ends of the room also remind us that each human being contains a divine spark and is part of the spiritual ecosystem represented.
At the intersections of the naves, at the corners of the walls, are large statues representing the Guardians of the Labyrinth. They all look in different directions, emphasizing that the infinite faces of the crystal of Truth are present everywhere.
On the walls of the central nave, at the entrance to the hall, the path of humanity through history is narrated, while on the floor a splendid mosaic enriches the visitors’ path with arboreal and floral elements, set in a flow of lines representing the different Damanhurian Spiritual Ways.
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From “The Rock, Art and Light”, a foreword by Alex Grandy, painter, writer and co-founder of CoSM.

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