Virtual Tour Partner program

The Federation of Damanhur is happy to share collaboration opportunities
on the Virtual Reality immersive experience of the Temples of Humankind:

"Rock, Art and Light" Experience

Discover how we can cooperate, from affiliation to experience co-design
and special virtual events inside the underground Halls of the Temples of Humankind.

The Temples are known worldwide for their  artistic and mystical value, and now, they have become visitable from home, enriched with new and exclusive content. The Virtual Reality experience, presents the Halls both through guided tours and free exploration that can be enjoyed by computer, mobile devices and VR headsets. 

It is possible to run also live events, guided tours and meditations, with conference mode for small groups and presentation-only for larger ones.

About the Experience


Take a virtual visits of the Halls of the Temples, enriched by stories, audios, music, pictures, and augmented reality content. This experience allows the visitor to enjoy the Temples and explore at its own pace, moving freely or through autopilot. We are open to design new content and experiences together with partners.


Enjoy live guided experiences, that can be easily integrated with zoom or other platforms. Live guided meditations, online events, that can be designed together with you to create tailored experiences enhanced by the energy and the connection of the Temples

The immersion in the spaces is accompanied by narratives, explanatory captions and multimedia content, including meditative experiences, music and unprecedented visualizations of details and effects visible only with special lighting conditions.

These visits and experiences allow visitors to delve into the symbols and stories represented in this impressive three-dimensional library, which collects, connects and reworks myths and significances, new and old, of many traditions and peoples.

The project foresees a progressive opening of the eight Halls that make up the Temples and a continuous enrichment of the contents and associated experiences. Soon will also be activated the possibility to participate in live guided tours, accompanied by people who have contributed to the realization of the work or by specialized guides selected among the many researchers and artists who have fallen in love with this magical place.

“In order to share the significance behind the art and understand the multiple levels of reading of even just one Hall of the Temples it takes many hours. This project combines the emotional value of the virtual presence with the possibility of delving into details that are difficult to reach during traditional visits.” 

Piovra – Temples of Humankind Art and Development Manager

The project was created to disseminate and preserve the cultural heritage of an exceptional collective work, which represents a unique case in the world, both for the construction challenges that the builders faced and for the extraordinary artistic and spiritual content.

In addition, at a time of crisis in tourism and decrease in visitors, this project represents an important resource to support the preservation and development of a place that has inspired thousands of people around the world, and is a true ode to human creativity and spirituality.

This project is an important element to support preservation and development of the Temples, and to make them known to the World.

We wish to cooperate with organizations and friends to reach these goals. We are looking for partners to:

  • Promote the project and the offers, also with affiliation-mode.
  • Create relations with media and networking with other other organizations.
  • Organize special virtual events and co-hosted guided tours to explore and discuss myths and visions.
  • Discuss and co-design knowledge and wisdom sharing using the Temples as a 3d library.
  • Develop new experiences and features (virtual reality platforms and immersive worlds, multi sensory, bio feedback …)

For an online experience within the live guided Virtual Tour of the Temples, to learn more about the characteristics of the platform and any opportunities for collaboration, write to
On you can enjoy for free the visit of the first Hall.

Contact Us

Contact Us

About us - Alex Grey

“Art can reveal the connections that exist between all of us, as a human family, and awaken respect for nature and the entire fabric of life. Humanity is in a spiral of self-destruction, while we attack the environment, destroy many species and throw ourselves into endless wars, vowing ourselves to violence in the name of religion. In the dark dawn of the 21st century, civilization and the human spirit are fighting for life. The Temples of Damanhur are a medicine for the soul that we desperately need these days.”

From “The Rock, Art and Light”, a foreword by Alex Grandy, painter, writer and co-founder of CoSM.

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