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You are inside the Hall of Spheres, at the core of the Selfic system of the Temples. This Hall represents a place both to meditate and also to experiment with the use of thought through the Synchronic Lines. Each sphere, in fact, is a true door that – if activated correctly – can be used as a means of contact with the energy flows of the planet to send into and receive information from the Universe, especially at particular times of the year, such as the Solstices and Equinoxes.

The spheres are used to send images, dreams, wishes, projects, and communicate beyond the dimensions of space and time. The gold leaf ceiling was created to filter and refine the energies and frequencies of the Hall, in order to facilitate messages to be sent.

On the walls, we see represented the erupting force of volcanoes and fire, associated with the divine masculine principle which is connected to the planet; the source and divinatory powers of the divine feminine principle; and the hawk with its wings outstretched, a symbol of the cosmic solar principle, connected to the Alchemy of the living Forces. In Damanhur, this type of Alchemy aims at merging, concentrating, and diluting elements from the human, animal, and vegetal worlds, whose ultimate goal is spiritual refinement.

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Experiences in the Hall of Spheres

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