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Experiences in the Hall of Metals

You will be able to access as many times as you want for 66 days from the date of your purchase.

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You are about to enter the Hall of Metals, the place where the alchemical transmutation sought by ancient alchemists from iron to gold is used as a metaphor for the inner refinement of the human being. It is also the Hall dedicated to Time: the temporal depth of metals reaching the origins of creation, unlike us, transient creatures merely following the cycle of days and seasons. Their antiquity in time is an essential component to the alchemist’s work, such as the presence of Fire, the element that melts and molds metals.

Fire is the focal point around which the myths of many Peoples of the Earth have developed, narrating the encounters between humans and the gods. It represents the driving force from which began the history of Humankind, and as an alchemical element, it opens doors allowing us to make contact with what is invisible around us. It is that spark that connects us to our truest nature, the ideal that exists within us, our passion for knowledge. It is the flame that needs to be nourished, protected and defended, while aware of its dual nature of creation and destruction.

The rich artistry of this hall, built on contrasting elements of movement and action, saturates all our senses and enhances the archetypical symbolism of Fire. This path is an incredible experience allowing us to choose the sources of heat that will revive our spark, as the many different expressions of the universal Fire from which we all derive from, and to which, if we wish, we can return to as narrated by the Myth of the Mirror.

Go through the different stages of your life and begin to recognize yourself in the glasswork. Reflect upon the decisions and actions you made though the various ages of life; they have brought you and will bring you to experience different moments, and to gain achievements, always aimed towards a greater refinement of you.

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Experiences in the Hall of Metals
You will be able to access as many times as you want for 66 days from the date of your purchase.
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Discover here the meanings of the Hall

Access this experience to discover this Hall, the stories carved in the stone and written in the art. We advise having this first introduction before getting deeper.

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Metals – Guided meditation

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